One of my favorite YouTube videos

This is one of my favorite music videos. This is American Dream by MKTO.This song is all about the origional American Dream. In this song Malcolm Kelley, raps about how people don’t want what they used to, now everyone wants material items not a happy family. This entire song is about how people aren’t facing reality and just want to be in a place they can be known. People want nice things, but don’t want to work for them. They just want a life without challenges, which is not realistic. People don’t want the stereotypical American Dream anymore, now they just want to be known, and have material things. In original times the American dream was all about a good honest life now it’s all about materialistic items. The American Dream isn’t about what you want personally, its more about having a lot of money, which can make you stable but not necessarily happy.To me this isn’t moral.